Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Lobster Family

We all know why Maine lobster is titled the True American Lobster, but what about their relatives in the south?

Warm water lobsters, also called spiny or rock lobsters, can be found in tropical waters near the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, or even the coast of Florida or Southern California. The
warm water lobster differs from the Maine lobster in that it does not have claws, but instead two large spiny antennae. The only edible meat on a warm water lobster is in its tail, which tends to be about 33% of its body weight!

Warm water lobster is the biggest food export in the Bahamas, and is the world’s source for frozen or canned lobster. Although similar in size and look, the warm water lobster and the Maine lobster are actually from a different class, and with over 40 species in the world this is
easy to believe!

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