Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY: The Maine Lobster Roll

Looking to bring back sweet memories of summer? Want to recreate a lobster classic? Well here are some quick and easy tips for making the famous Maine lobster roll.

· Although it may be easier to buy from a can, try to use fresh lobster. Lobster from a can is not as firm, and many times is made up of warm water lobsters from the Bahamas or other tropical areas instead of the classic Maine lobster we know and love.
· Plan on using a 1 ¼ lb. to 1 ½ lb. lobster per one roll, depending on whether hard or soft shell. If soft shell lobsters, understand that there will be less meat inside than a hard shell, but many argue that the meat is sweeter than their denser counterpart. For more information on soft and hard shell lobsters check out our Lobster Facts.
· The classic lobster roll is typically put on a hot dog bun, however, a hamburger bun or bread of choice can be used as well. Maine lobster rolls have even been served in wraps!
· Once you have chosen your bun, make sure to toast it until golden brown. This adds to the flavoring of the finished product!
· Lobster rolls can be made two different ways: with butter or with mayo. If making a lobster roll with butter, make sure to heat the lobster meat before pouring it on. The classic lobster roll is made with a light flavoring of mayo mixed in with chilled lobster pieces.
· Make sure to always use fresh ingredients, and keep it simple! Do not overwhelm your lobster roll with a variety of other vegetables and spices; it will take away from the classic
taste. If making a “lobster salad” for your roll, keep the additives to a minimum adding only celery and light herbs.

For more instructions check out the traditional Maine lobster roll recipe given by the Maine Lobster Council and enjoy!

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