Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Meaning of the Lobster Buoy

Lobster buoys serve as more than just decoration amongst Maine’s harbors and coastline and are in fact markers of lobster traps beneath the ocean surface. These buoys are a way for lobstermen to locate their traps and each follow a specific pattern. Every lobsterman has a specific color scheme for their buoy collection so that they may distinguish their traps from others.

Captain Dan’s buoy markers are painted yellow with a green strip on the top. These colors are used to identify all 800 of his traps, including the 100 traps used specifically for Crate to Plate.

Come see for yourself! Join Captain Dan on a fishing trip by contacting Crate to Plate today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crate to Plate's Local Catch

Want to know where your Crate to Plate lobsters come from?

Captain Dan and the Fisher Girl sail out of Saturday Cove in Northport, one of the many small inlets that make up West Penobscot Bay. Crate to Plate lobsters come from traps placed along the coast stretching from Lincolnville to Bayside. Coast dwellers may see the Fisher Girl near Islesboro’s ferry dock, at Lincolnville beach, or even as far north as Searsport.

While fishing, Captain Dan sails around many of the islands littering the Maine coast including Flat Island, Seal Island, and Ram Island— all bordering Islesboro’s shore.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday Cove, Home of the Fisher Girl

Nestled between Little Harbor and Kellys Cove, Saturday Cove sits across from Seal Harbor and the beautiful island of Islesboro. Saturday Cove is one of the many small inlets and harbors that make up West Penobscot Bay. This small cove also offers the perfect port for Captain Dan and the Fisher Girl to lobster from and serves as a base for all of Crate to Plate lobster operations.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fisher Girl

Here is a picture of Captain Dan’s lobster boat the Fisher Girl. Captain Dan acquired his fishing boat in 1999 after beginning fishing in 1994. The boat is named after a picture the Captain saw of a girl enjoying a day on the beach.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lobster Fishing with Crate to Plate

Want to fish with a real Maine lobsterman? Go sailing with Captain Dan on the Fisher Girl and learn the trade that has made Maine famous!

Sailors will live the true fishing experience as they navigate the rocky coast picking up traps. Watch eagles sunbathing on Flat Island while learning to haul traps and pack bait bags. Discover a harem of seals laying on a rocky key while emptying traps and banding lobsters.

Sailors will experience the beauty of ocean life while becoming an expert on all things “lobst-ah”. Learn how to correctly pick up a lobster, the difference between a hard and soft shell, or even how to “V-notch” a hen. Guests will practice the same environmentally conscious lobster procedures that have been a part of Maine life for over 100 years.

So join Crate to Plate and Captain Dan on a fishing adventure and discover Maine’s lobster in a whole new way!

For more information on how to schedule a tour with Captain Dan, please visit the Crate to Plate website.