Monday, June 28, 2010


There is a myth that lobster is fancy. The degree of fanciness or some might say stuffiness is based on the cooking method. Regardless of your view of lobster one thing that must be true, always, is the freshness of the lobster and the ingredients used to enhance it.

An additional myth is that to be indulged we must be overdressed, have waiters fawning over us and have an exorbitant bill at the end of the meal. Forget that. Throw your jeans on, go barefoot and be indulged in a state of one hundred per cent casualness.

A perfect example of indulgent casualness is the Brass Compass in Rockland , Maine . The Compass is the domain of chef/owner Lynn Archer. Lynn starts her day with the baking of fresh bread, a selection of pies and cakes and muffins the size of a good sized winch. She takes pride in what she serves and she treats both her customers and staff as extended members of the family.

Last fall she was challenged by Bobby Flay for a throw down. Poor Bobby. He didn’t stand a chance. Why? She bakes the bread, she knows the minute the lobsters are pulled from the sea, she knows who smoked the bacon and she only uses real mayonnaise. Most importantly, she knows that lobster can be enhanced but it should never be overpowered. Regardless of the dish, it is the freshness of the lobster you should taste first. Here is her recipe.

Lynn Archer, The Brass Compass Café
“The sweetness of the lobster should not be overpowered
by the mayo, so go light on it. I use the lobster to stick the
sandwich together.”
1¼ pound Maine lobster, cooked and meat removed, lightly mixed
with real mayonnaise, just enough to hold lobster meat together
2 Tablespoons real mayonnaise
3 thick slices homemade white bread
3-4 slices crisp cooked slab bacon
Few pieces crisp green leaf lettuce
1-2 slices thinly sliced large ripe tomato
Toast all bread slices lightly. On first piece, spread mayonnaise,
bacon, lettuce, and tomato and top with the second slice
of bread. Add all the lobster meat and top with mayonnaise
spread on the third slice. Cut in half diagonally, and enjoy!
You’ll have a huge lobster club, fit for a king (or queen).\

If you’re ever in the Midcoast stop in at the Brass Compass and prepare to indulge yourself. If you can’t make it to one of Lynn ’s tables than catch a rerun of the Lobster Club throw down on the Food Network. Neither will disappoint.

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