Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Crate to Plate Buoy

As explained in last week’s post on lobster buoys, every lobsterman uses color specific buoys to identify their traps. Captain Dan uses yellow buoys with a green stripe on top to identify his traps amongst the thousands placed in West Penobscot Bay.

Generally, Captain Dan delegates one buoy to mark two traps underwater. Each buoy is also numbered by the traps that they mark. These buoys range in size but are used to locate all 800 of the Captain’s traps. Crate to Plate accounts for 100 of these traps and are distinguished by a “CTP” written above the numbered traps they indicate. When pulling up Crate to Plate lobster traps, Captain Dan records the catch separately from his other traps.

Come see for yourself! Join Captain Dan on a fishing trip by contacting Crate to Plate today!

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