Friday, May 28, 2010


You're shaking your head, maybe snickering a little but it's true! Think about it. You can hold a cupcake in one hand. The main ingredients remain consistent while the flavorings can vary. Each bite is rewarding and simultaneously sinful. For the cook it is a relatively simple construction with endless possibilities for variety. You can feel guilty and mildly defiant or for those endowed with the princess gene entitled and indulged as you eat it.

Lobster rolls like great cupcakes must be made with the best ingredients. The most important being lobster. Please do not use one of those tired, bewildered crustaceans heaped in the corner of a stale tank at the grocery store. Lobster fresh from the sea, steamed and shelled is the way to go. It takes less than a half hour to cook and shell the meat. Good bread, think croissant, ciabbatta, brioche or go traditional and use a New England hot dog bun is the equivalent of an edible cupcake paper.

Keep it simple and traditional or summon your inner Julia Child as you mix the ingredients for the filling. Indulge yourself and your friends with a treat that is special and simple and always a treat.

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