Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Gender is Your Lobster?

What to know if your lobster dinner is male or female? Here’s how!

To find the sex of your lobster, check the underbelly of the lobster’s tail. Located on along the backside of the tail are swimmerets—small flipper like appendages that help lobsters swim, reproduce, as well as provide a place for a female to carry her eggs. These swimmerets will vary depending on lobster sex.

To sex your lobster, look to the first set of swimmerets closest to the lobster’s head. If the swimmerets are hard and bonelike your lobster is a male, but if they are soft and featherlike you have a female! Male swimmerets also tend to be wider than their female counterparts. Many claim that female meat is said to be sweeter, so happy hunting!

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